Electric Department

The Electric Department is responsible for a safe and reliable source of power to residential, commercial and industrial customers. The Bandon Electric service area includes Bandon and extends from the Coquille River south to Denmark, and from the Pacific Ocean east on 42-S to the Fish Hatchery, and along both sides of US Highway 101.

The City purchases power from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and takes delivery at 3 step-down substations located at Bill's Creek, Two Mile and Langlois. From these delivery points the Electric Department distributes approximately 4,900,000 KWH of power to 3,723 customers per month.

The Electric Department is charged with the maintenance of all electric lines, buildings, vehicles and apparatus used to distribute power to its customers. When the budget permits, the Department undertakes additional system upgrade work, such as replacement of overhead with underground lines.


The activities of the Electric Department are operated primarily out of the Electric Fund, and are financed by revenues collected from the sale of electric power to utility customers. The City also maintains an Electric Reserve Fund, into which funds are deposited and used for major electric system repairs and improvements.

Electric Department Responsibilities

  • Providing a safe source of electricity to residential, commercial and industrial customers.
  • Emergency electrical repairs during outages, reestablishing service as quickly as possible.
  • Providing service both inside and outside the city limits.
  • Reading the meters monthly.
  • Planning for future development.
  • Preparing budget recommendations for the City Manager.
  • Provide street lights.
  • Providing an energy conservation program.